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About Amorphex Therapeutics

The TODDD™ technology platform is a non-invasive ocular insert for continuous delivery of drugs to the eye for weeks or even months without interruption. This patented insert is based on controlled delivery polymer systems and a unique product design utilizing advanced comfort and stability features. In addition to the matrix materials that are used for controlled drug delivery from the entire body of the device itself, the TODDD™ device is also able to incorporate relatively large drug depots for the delivery of specific drugs. This affords the ability to deliver multiple drugs simultaneously.

Amorphex Therapeutics LLC was founded by Edward & Jeanne Ellis, Charles Leahy and Robert Thompson, each with extensive successful experience in ophthalmic product development. They created Amorphex to develop and license products for sustained ophthalmic drug delivery using the TODDD™ technology developed by Vista Scientific LLC, a prior ophthalmic development company founded by Ed, Jeanne and Charles.

Vista Scientific’s TODDD™ development was initially funded in part by several NIH-SBIR grants. The project completed its third phase of NIH funding, and the $2.5 million it received from these grants supported basic development through safety studies, animal trials and human proof of concept testing.  This NIH funding was supplemented by significant contributions from the founders and subsequent additional investors’ seed funding. Amorphex is now pursuing clinical stage funding while supporting additional development activities for our product pipeline, e.g. analytical research, process development, preclinical evaluation, in vitro and in vivo evaluations of various drugs, etc.  Amorphex is also currently seeking strategic partnering/licensing opportunities and continues to solicit drug candidates that would benefit from sustained topical delivery across the range of 3 to 90+ days.

Research & Development Facilities

Amorphex currently has research facilities in Andover and Lowell, Massachusetts. The offices and lab space in Andover are located in a  converted linen mill built in the 19th century. The facilities in Lowell are at a high tech incubator at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center, also known as M2D2 . The facilities there include a chemical laboratory  capable of polymerization, analytical evaluations and glove box casting. Amorphex also has access to the University’s Plastics Engineering Department which is capable of prototype tool production, lathing & injection molding. The access to these facilities is through a contract that provides further access to chemical and engineering facilities at the University.

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