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Platform Technology

for Ocular Drug Delivery

Delivering drug into the eye is critical for the treatment of many ophthalmic diseases including glaucoma, one of the leading causes of irreversible blindness in the world.  Amorphex has developed TODDD™, a soft, patented device that can deliver drug to the eye continuously, around the clock for multiple months without interruption. Replacing difficult and frequently inadequate eye drop therapy, TODDD™ is comfortably worn by the patient under their eyelid and is easily replaced at prescribed intervals of months or weeks, depending on the treated condition.

This safe, non-invasive, platform technology solves the many challenges of repetitious daily eye drop dosing such as difficulties with drop instillation, partial dosing, daily forgetfulness, and continuing adherence to therapy.

TODDD™ provides accurate delivery into the eye, getting the drug where it is needed in a continuous, preservative-free, very low dose. This results in the elimination and reduction of side effects and enhances the complete patient and physician experience.


TODDD™ innovation also provides multiple opportunities for novel applications where drops are impractical due to drug solubility, unacceptable side effects, or the inability to penetrate to the back of the eye. These potential applications include retinal diseases and myopia progression. 

Learn about Amorphex and the team redefining the standards for ocular drug delivery.
Product Development
Discover how our proprietary technology is helping to revolutionize the field.
View specific TODDD™ product objectives and track their development progress 
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